Please note the following opening, ordering and delivery times for EHD this Christmas:

The Sunbury and Fonthill warehouses and offices will be closed from 1.00pm on Thursday 24th December and will re-open on Tuesday 29th, Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st December, from 8am – 3pm for processing.

COLLECTIONS can be made from either warehouse on Thursday 31st December, for orders placed on Tuesday 29th or Wednesday 30th, up to 10.00am. As usual, please specify which warehouse you wish to collect from and who will be collecting.

We will be offering a delivery service into London on Thursday 31st December (see below). All warehouses will then be closed on Friday January 1st and will reopen on Monday 4th January, 2021 for a normal full day.



For deliveries into London before Christmas, the deadline for receipt of orders is 1.00pm (Sunbury) and 12 noon (Fonthill) on  22nd December. These will be delivered on Wednesday 23rd.

We will be offering a limited service into London on Thursday 24th December, for emergency orders, placed by 12.00 noon on Wednesday 23rd.

Orders required for delivery on Thursday 31st December must be sent through on Tuesday 29th or by 10.00am on Wednesday 30th. Please specify that delivery is required on the Thursday, otherwise, it may be scheduled for Monday 4th January 2021.

The 31st will be the only delivery day into London, between Christmas and the New Year.

Orders for delivery into London on Monday 4th January must be sent through by 12.00 noon on Thursday 31st December.


For pallet deliveries across the rest of the UK, the deadline for receipt of orders is 12.00 noon on Monday 21st December. These will be delivered on Wednesday 23rd. Orders can be placed on Tuesday 22nd for delivery on Thursday 24th but these may be charged as an AM delivery and cannot be guaranteed. If the delivery requires a book-in, the deadline is Monday 21st.

Pallet deliveries required between Christmas and New Year can be made. The deadline for orders is 12.00pm on Wednesday 23rd. The orders must specify that they are for delivery between 29th and 31st, a specific day can be requested, otherwise they may be scheduled for the New Year.

Orders may be sent on Tuesday 29th, by 10.00am, for delivery on Thursday 31st.

Any orders received after these deadlines cannot be guaranteed for delivery before Christmas or New Year.


Please be aware that the outside couriers we use have a huge increase in workload during the weeks leading up to Christmas. Therefore, next day / 48 hour deliveries may not always be possible and we cannot guarantee them during this period. We advise you to place orders as early as possible for deliveries outside of London. This is even more true this year as the courier work has increased across many commodities as people are staying home and ordering Online.

When placing your orders, please give clear instructions or requests. Also, if a delivery can be made any time over a few days, please state this on your order as this may help us in our scheduling.

EHD’s own transport will also have a huge increase in workload during these weeks but we have a little more control of the situation.

As you are aware, we do not offer or guarantee timed deliveries into London throughout the year but if a time window is requested, we do our best to schedule around it. With the increased levels of activity, this will be even more difficult to achieve during these weeks, so please be aware of this as well.

Whilst we will endeavour to continue our policy to help our customers as best we can, please help us by ordering as early and clearly as possible during this very busy period for us all.

Please ensure that all relevant staff are made aware of the above.

Wishing you all a very busy, prosperous and safe Christmas and New Year from the EHD team.